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Have your Financial Planning always up to date, save time and make better business decisions. 

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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning can be challenging: there is constantly new information about the past and the future and you may still be looking for the right financial planning tool. Maybe you are still not sure to make the big "investment" of hiring a CFO and if you can afford hiring peopel at all...

Vscore is an integrated financing planning tool particularly developed for Startups and Companies with big growth plans. It is based on Microsoft Power BI, Excel and MySQL and fully in line with your historical accounting data. But Vscore is more than financial planning:


we set up your financial planning together with you and we keep it always up to date! That means that you can take care of your business while we take care of your financials.


​​Since 2008, we’ve been serving more than 100 startups and growth companies in Austria and Germany. Get in touch to start enjoying my services today.

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Magic of Vscore

The Magic of Vscore

Truly Top-Notch

Vscore is built on proven technologies and a years of hands-on CFO experience:

- Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets

- Microsoft Fabric / Power BI

- MySQL / Azure

It uses a unique approach of data reconciliation in order to offer the maximum transparency and to facilitate analysis and the planning of financial data.


You always see in detail how you were doing financially and will be able to perform scenario projections within no time.

Client Reviews

Feedbacks from our customers

Gerald ist für uns schon seit Jahren eine große Bereichung im Finanzbereich. Für das Budgetieren und Verstehen von Finanzdaten ist Vscore für uns die optimale Lösung.

Roman Kittl
DirectSens GmbH

Ich bin immer wieder beeindruckt wie schnell und einfach wir mit Vscore zu einer hochprofessionellen Planung kommen. Die Kombination aus hoher Datenautomatisierung und Planungskompetenz ist am Markt einzigartig. Ich kann diese Lösung nur jedem ambitionierten Unternehmer ans Herz legen!

Lukas Kinigadner
Anyline GmbH

Mit Vscore und Geralds Team haben wir stets aktuelle Finanzforecasts und können ganz einfach Szenarien durchspielen. Für uns ist diese Lösung perfekt.

Christoph Degendorfer
Smino GmbH

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