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The Evolution of Vscore

Years ago, as a CFO for several Technology companies I regularly had the problem of setting up a solid and up to date financial planning. It is supposed to reflect all the relevant information from the past and the future while keeping it up to date at the same time. I wasn´t satisfied with the available solutions, so we started to build Vscore: an integrated financial planning tool with unlimited flexibility and integration of all relevant financial and related data.

We think a well structured and up to date financial planning is like a navigator for your business decisions:

  • how we were doing in the past?

  • where did the money go and how much did we earn by each product?

  • can I afford hiring more staff members?

  • do I run out of cash and when will it happen?

Ready to learn more about Vscore? Contact us today and start seeing you financials in a different light.

Screenshot VScore 22
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Financial Analyst

Meet the Founders

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Who is behind the project?A dedicated and experienced team that, together with the financial planning tool, will guide your company to navigate with clarity and purpose, avoiding blind decisions.

Meet the Founders

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